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KP55 lift pump (from the Big Dipper pump) is mainly used for 4-6 tons of Japanese style dump truck’s hydraulicsystem, as the side of the hydraulic bucket cylinder power source.       

The pump uses high strengthcast iron material. The ability to withstand strong internal structure using dual-gold side plate, control valve and check valve in conjunctionwith the pump body and many other advantagedtechnologies. The pump has a high work pressure, long service life. The characterof the hydraulic system to simplify integration is an ideal power source for the hydraulic system of dump truck.                                                                     


performance parameter

Theoretical displacement:55ml/r 

  Rated pressure:70kgf/c㎡  

Control stem wire force:13kg  

pump    gross mass:13kg        


working condition

Oil filter accuracy≤25um

Oil height≤     500mm

Drive: direct drive with flexible coupling  

Rotation direction: counter-clockwise (from the shaft end view)






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